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Since the beginning, Mutari is worried in making products that meet Brazilian women’s needs and expectations. By always keeping high quality standards, Mutari seeks the best solutions in cosmetics that value beauty and help people feel more special. Its plant was founded in 1996, in Belo Horizonte, and was intended to create fragrances based on great brands of international reputation. The production method was crafty at first, with the help from Mãos de Minas (Hands from Minas) project. At that time, the products were sold exclusively under the door-to-door system.

After including other states in products distribution, the Mutari brand expanded and started to have national reputation. Then, it had the chance to grow and diversify its products range, turning into a cosmetic industry in 1997. The products portfolio is now divided into two parts: Professional and Sales. The Sales part is sold door-to-door by the Mutari representatives and features different user-friendly cosmetic product ranges with great results. The Professional part is sold at the beauty salons and aesthetic clinics, basically intended to hair care and transformation.

Mutari stands out in the cosmetics and beauty products market by offering a training program to the professionals dealing with the brand. As it offers products containing chemicals, Mutari proves its responsibility for ensuring customers’ continuous satisfaction after using the products. Therefore, a space intended to disseminate and improve technical knowledge was created: Casa Mutari (Mutari House).